Family Walking Safari

North Kenya Family Walking Safari

An equally exciting program with sizeable easy walking opportunities in memorable destinations of northern Kenya. We combine leisurely walks, game viewing safaris and interactions with the local people to give the client the full picture of Kenya. Our fist stop is at the Aberdares national park for wildlife viewing and visits of the various waterfalls. Next is Mountain Rock lodge at the base of Mt. Kenya where you will meet the local Kikuyu people and visit the Sweetwaters Game Sanctuary. Finally you will visit the Samburu country for opportunities of further walking, game viewing and interactions with the nomads of northern Kenya.




To the west of Mount Kenya lies the Aberdares Mountain Ranges. The locals refer to it as Nyandarua which is the resting place of God (Ngai). Despite being the least travelled park the Aberdares offer opportunities for awesome treks in its moorlands, trout fishing in it’s ice cold rivers and streams, scenic waterfalls as well as a host of endemic plants and wildlife. Watch out for rare cats like the unusual black leopard and the serval cat. It’s also the best place to see the elusive bongo.


Mount Kenya. 

Kirinyaga as it is referred to by the local Kikuyu community who believe it is the home of their God (Ngai). Mount Kenya offers awesome mountain climbing treks and a vast collection of unique flora and fauna as well as sheer volcanic beauty of U and V shaped valleys, tarns and waterfalls. Perhaps of great note is that Mount Kenya is the only snow capped mountain that straddles the equator. Historically it was the hideout of the fiery and brave Mau Mau fighters during the fight for independence.


Ol Pejeta Conservancy

A very unique private sanctuary to some critically endangered northern white rhinos as well as the being the refuge for rescued chimps. Sweetwaters also plays a vital role in preservation of some endangered species of Borana Cattle and thus is the first institution to untergrate wildlife conservation and cattle keeping.


Samburu Game Reserve. 

In the arid northern Kenya, Samburu is home to some unique species endemic to northern Kenya – the Reticulated giraffes, grevy’s zebra, Gerenuk and the majestic Beisa Oryx. In it’s immediate neighbourhood are the colourful people of Samburu, who like their cousins the Maasai, have upheld their traditional lifestyle to this modern age.



Day 1: Nairobi to Aberdares National Park, Game viewing, Picturesque waterfalls. Overnight camping.


  1. Game drive – lookout for elephants buffalo, giant forest hog, duiker, bushbuck, black rhino, leopard, serval cat, among others. 
    2. Spectacular waterfalls including Chania, Karuru etc
    3. Visit the Queen’s cave (Gura waterfalls)
    4. Birdwatching.
    5. Learn about endemic plant species.

Overnight at Kiandogoro campsite inside the park.


Day 2: Aberdares game viewing, Mount Kenya’s historical Mau Mau Caves. Overnight at a moderate standard lodge.


  1. Game drive in Aberdares Park.
    2. Drive to the base of Mount Kenya arriving in time for lunch.
    3. Option of nature walk or horseback visit of Mau Mau Caves (the hideout of the Mau Mau warriors during the independence struggle ) 
    4. Option of search for colobus monkeys and bird watching.

Overnight at Bantu Mountain Lodge.


Day 3: Visits Ol Pejeta Game Sanctuary to see endangered wildlife. 


  1. Game drive in the sanctuary.
    2. Learn about conservation of rare species.
    3. See the Chimpanzee.

Back to Bantu Mountain Lodge for overnight.


Day 4:  Cultural Tour and game viewing in Samburu Game Reserve.


  1. A.M. visit to local Kikuyu farmlands and homesteads.
    2. Drive to Samburu Game Reserve – animals to see include endemic wildlife like reticulated giraffe, the grevy zebra, the Oryx, the Somali ostrich, and the gazelle with the longest neck called the gerenuk, the vulturine guinea fowl among others.
    3. Afternoon Game drive in the park 
    4. Bird watching.

Overnight at Samburu Sentrim Camp – a midrange tented lodge inside the park.


Day 5: Game viewing Samburu National Park and Buffalo Springs, Cultural interaction at Ololokwe mountain base.

  1. Full day of game drives in Samburu National Reserve where our expert guides and drivers will take you to different locations of Samburu and the nearby Buffalo Springs reserves where you will have spectacular chances of spotting wildlife.
    2. After lunch we set off to the base camp of Ololokwe Mountain in the Namunyak conservation area – the magnificent land of endless hills. 
    3. We use this evening to sort out logistics of guides, security and donkeys for the next day’s trek.
    3. The Samburu tribesmen will give us a detailed overview of their land, culture and folklore.

Our bush camp today is at Kirish base Camp site, the base of the Olololokwe Mountain. This mountain is sacred to the Samburu sub tribe of northern Kenya who apparently are related to the Maasai found in the southern part of Kenya. . Dinner and overnight at Kirish bush Camp


Day 6: Climb Ololokwe Mountain led by Samburu guides and armed rangers.
Our visit to this conservancy goes along way to help the local people and consequently encourage them to conserve and protect the environment


  1. Hike to the top of the Mountain with the donkeys carrying provisions for two days.
    2. Enjoy spectacular and breathtaking views at the top. On one side is Mathew ranges with its Warges Peak (2600) majestically standing out. On the other are expansive plains extending to Nyambene Hills in the southeast. Namunyak Conservation area is a Samburu community run conservancy that acts as a dispersal area for the wildlife from Samburu and Meru parks
    3. Camp at the summit.

Dinner and Overnight at Bush Camp at the top of Ololokwe.


Day 7: Back to Nairobi
Drive back to Nairobi with stopover at Bantu Mountain Lodge for Lunch.


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