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Mountain Huts - Mount Kenya

Shipton's (4200m) and OldMoses Hut (3330m).

On Mount Kenya along Sirimon.

Oldmoses Camp

Located at an elevation of 3300m. the Old Moses Mountain Hut is where most hikers spend their first night of the trek. At the Old Moses you have the option of sleep in dormitory like bunkers or camping in the spacious grounds surrounding it. Both huts have a kitchen and dining area plus a clean and well maintained bathroom.

Oldmoses Mountain Hut Dining at Oldmoses Mountain Hut

 Shiptons camp (4200m)

The Shiptons Camp is located just below the main peaks of Mount Kenya. Here you can also sleep in bunkers within the mountain hut. The camp is located at an elevation of 4200m. and is used by most hikers on their final day before summiting Pt. Lenana.

Shiptons Mountain Hut below the Peaks Shiptons Mountain Huts

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