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Adventure Walking Safari Programs

Adventure walking safari in Masai Mara 

ASK 001 4 days maasai mara wildlife and culture tour

A concise safari experience that combines unique Masai cultural insights and game drives, ideal as a short tour or extension of another safari adventure such as trekking Mt. Kenya. As a way to support community conservation and encourage the locals to preserve their heritage, we go a little further the regular safari programs that visit one park after the other. On this tour we do a side-trip en-route to Masai Mara and get privileged insights into the Maasai people’s fascinating way of life.

See Detailed Maasai Mara Wildlife and Culture tour - 4 Days. itinerary. 


Walking Safari in Kenya 

 ASK 002 rift valley lakes and masai mara safari ‘with a difference’ - 5 Days.

A journey of discovery through the Rift Valley and Maasailand, ideal as short tour or an extension of a mount Kenya trekking adventure. On this tour you discover the contrasting scenery, wildlife environments and cultures of the Kikuyu Highland areas, Great Rift Valley Lakes and Maasai savanna. As a way to support community conservation and encourage the locals to preserve their heritage, we include visits to complimenting community area.

See Detailed Rift Valley Lakes and Masai Mara Safari ‘with a difference’ - 5 Days.itinerary. 


5 days walking safari in Kenya 

ASK 003 5 Days journey to kilimanjaro through the great rift valley.

Discover the contrasting scenery, cultures and wildlife environments of the Rift Valley Lakes and the spectacularly picturesque view of Kilimanjaro from Amboseli Park. On the way you will experience some of the day-to-day life of the Kenyan tea and coffee farmers, visit the farms, villages and homes of the Kikuyu and Maasai people and be guided by them through their lands and lifestyles. The itinerary covers a range of environments, game parks and cultural experiences - all at a reasonable pace. The program has also been set with the convenience of those extending into Tanzania in mind.

See detailed itinerary 5 Days Journey through the Great Rift Valley to Mt. Kilimanjaro.itinerary. 


Family walking Safari in Kenya 

ASK 004 easy walking safari northern circuit Ideal for Family groups

An equally exciting program with sizeable easy walking opportunities in memorable destinations of northern Kenya. We combine leisurely walks, game viewing safaris and interactions with the local people to give the client the full picture of Kenya. Our fist stop is at the Aberdares national park for wildlife viewing and visits of the various waterfalls.

See Detailed North kenya Family Walking Safari


Kenya distinct Walking Safari 

ASK005 kenya’s distinct wildlife and cultural safari - 10 days

A guided Eco-Safari that’s well thought out beginning with a visit to the secluded and serene game park of Meru to view a wide variety of animal and bird life, some endemic to this region plus experience the day-to-day life of the Meru and Borana people.

See detailed Kenya’s distinct wildlife and cultural safari - 10 days Itinerary


Kenya Ornithologists special 

ASK 007 7 days western kenya bird watching circuit

This program is best suited for those who have an ornithological appetite. The itinerary will take you the places that are rich in avian species of all kinds from the wading birds of Lakes Baringo, Bogoria, Nakuru and Victoria, the bush birds of Lake Baringo and Lake Nakuru, to the forest birds of Kakamega forest. Each destination has a distinctive bird population with several endemic species.

See detailed 7 Days Western Kenya Bird Watching Circuit itinerary


Explore Kenya Safari - Walking Adventure 

ASK008 10 days explore kenya safari Mt. Kenya, Rift Valley and Masai Mara

Discover the contrasting wildlife environments, scenery and cultures of Mount Kenya region, the Rift Valley Lakes and the spectacular Maasailand. On the way you will experience Wildlife, natural sites and the day-to-day life of Kikuyu farmers and Maasai peoples - visit their villages, homes and farms and be guided by them through their lands and life. The itinerary covers a wider range of environments, game parks and cultural experiences - all at an easy pace.

See detailed 10 Days - Explore Kenya Safari. itinerary 


Kenya adventure walking from North to South Safari 

 ASK009 14 days -north to south kenyan camping eco-safari

Intentionally split into 2 bits of 7 days, one covering the northern parks and the 2nd bit visiting the southern park. This allows persons with limited time to join any of the 2 sections they desire. This is an incredible eco-friendly journey that let’s you explore most of the interesting and unique regions of Kenya. The trip focuses on different cultures and wildlife and offers mild walking opportunities in some of Kenya’s finest game reserves and conservancies. In two weeks you will experience almost all the wildlife diversity Kenya has to offer - from the northern arid parks to the high mountains and the Mara plains in the south.

see detailed 14 Days - North to South Kenyan camping Eco-Safari. itinerary



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